Prepare your Barcelona visit

Do you have your Barcelona visit ready? Check the checklist to make sure you have booked everything you need.

Prepare your Barcelona visit

If you want to be prepared and enjoy your visit without any last minute surprises to Barcelona, ​​follow this list step by step. If you have already any point done, jump to the next one.


Have you thought about where you are going to stay? Barcelona has a large offer of rest options for your visit, the most typical are:


The accommodation is in the top on the checklist as the accommodation spots in Barcelona are limited, and if you leave it for the last minute you may have trouble finding the accommodation you are looking for.



How do you plan to get to Barcelona? Most tourists come by plane. Barcelona has an international airport very close to the city, it is called "Barcelona-El Prat Airport" (BCN, LEBL). Although many tourists arrive in Barcelona with a low cost airlines using the Girona airport, "Girona-Costa Brava Airport" (GRO, LEGE). There is a bus that connects this airport to Barcelona.

But there are more options to get to the city of Barcelona. How do you plan to come?


Barcelona has many points of interest, some of them are known worldwide. Here you can see a list of the most important ones, you can not miss any of them.


For the vast majority it is not necessary to book your tickets in advance, the only places that we recommend you to book your tickets in advance are:


Plan your visit. Once in Barcelona you will need to know how to move and discover the history of each of the spaces in the city.


The best option is to order a guide as soon as possible on Amazon to make sure you get it on time.